Yesterday on Market Street East, Newcastle City Centre


Some images from around Market Street East. Carliol House is there, also the old Police Station, For Sale.

A search came up with some information on the current owners of Carliol House, on the website of

The New Bridge Project

There is a trend to get social enterprises to “occupy” empty commercial buildings, charging a nominal rent, it is much better to do this than allow premises to become derelict or targets for anti social behaviour.



Old New Mills

Old Cottage on New Mills Newcastle

An old photo from
Newcastle Libraries Flickr archive showing the site of now New Mills, off Barrack Road, in its industrial past… I would say early 20th century or late 19th century.

Apparently the large building behind the “cottage” is the Todd’s Nook school, which was demolished in the 1990’s after a period as an Adult Education centre.

There used to be a pub on New Mills,  called The Darnell, or maybe The New Darnell? The Darnell was also  demolished in the 1990s and a block of low rise 5 bedroomed flats was built.

And this one shows an actual Mill, one of the original at New Mills.

Also from  Newcastle Libraries Flickr archive

In the industrial period mills like these  were used to grind grain into flour and powered by either running water from rivers, or from wind , when powered by wind they would have sails, which turned in the wind and drove the wheels of the mill. Mills were also used to make many things, workers in mills made all manner of products, cloth, rope, foodstuffs, various metals, anything mass produced before electricity was widely adopted by industry.The air looks very dirty in these photos, not just because  the photos are old, but because of the massive scale of the  industry in the local area





War Graves and Karma

The new sign showing St. Nicholas Cemetery contains Commonwealth War Graves. These are graves from persons who died in the military during the second and first world wars, from within the Commonwealth.
There is a website for commonwealth war graves.
Click here .
Do you know anyone who has a relative who died in WW1 or WW2? If so they want to hear from you. They have funding to renovate or put memorials on the graves. Its a peace-promotion group.

Last week our meditation group listened to a CD by Reverend Myoho, one of the monks affiliated to Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. There was something about Karma from innumerable lives.
Later I was thinking about it and it came into my mind about our conditioning. We are all the way we are in large part from conditioning. That conditioning takes from our parents and their parents. The grandparents were conditioned by their own parents, and back to the time of witch burning, medieval days and before. Conditioned from our culture and where we were born. The place we were born has its own conditioning, that it was shaped from many different factors, human hand, nature, geography etc.
WW1 and WW2 shaped our karma. People born in wartime and who were children in wartime are often emotionally scarred by the war experiences. Some elderly people are never able to talk about their experiences of wartime childhood. Being separated from their parents and home as evacuees. UK history has an effect on how people live here now. Politics, environment, sociology, it all is affected by history.
That karma thing makes a lot more sense now.