Leazes Park Summer Review





Lots of things to see in the Park if you are looking for them! Not walking around in a daydream, as I often am, or staring at that little screen so many of us are in love with!


Castle Leazes and Ricky Road Flats

Richardson Road Flats construction and Castle Leazes Moor
Richardson Road Flats construction

I had an appointment at the Royal Victoria Infirmary this morning and I could not resist these photos of the new Richardson Road student flats, which as you can see are very near completion.
On the right the trees of Leazes Park, with the footpath which borders it.

Leazes Park and Lort Burn

Yesterday in Leazes Park, I took these photos of

The Lort Burn

The footpath crosses The Lort  Burn, on one side is flowing into the lake, on the other, upstream, the Splashes artwork.

 Also banks of Rhododendron and trees, gone wild.