Yesterday on Market Street East, Newcastle City Centre


Some images from around Market Street East. Carliol House is there, also the old Police Station, For Sale.

A search came up with some information on the current owners of Carliol House, on the website of

The New Bridge Project

There is a trend to get social enterprises to “occupy” empty commercial buildings, charging a nominal rent, it is much better to do this than allow premises to become derelict or targets for anti social behaviour.



Update to Market Street East

I’ve made it easier to comment on posts so if anyone has any info on the history of the boarded up building adjoining Broadacre House, it will now be easier to post your comment.
We are looking for history of the building which is joined on to Broadacre House, Market Street East, but is in a different (more 1950’s) style. The name of the building would help.
The building housing the former police station and currently housing the Magistrates Court and some other court related offices, at the other end of Market Street East, is a listed building called Anderson House. I have also been told there is a possibility that the mystery building was also something connected with the DWP.

Broadacre House and Market Street East

Looking at the entrance to Broadacre House from the other side of the road, early yesterday evening.

The building next door to Broadacre House appears to date from an earlier part of the twentieth century, and I do think it was also an institution of some sort, but I don’t know what, a tax office maybe? If anyone worked there and knows what it was, please post a comment.

Later it has got dark and looking out of the window to the construction /demolition area on Carliol Street.