mushroom, pepper and olive sauce

I’m sharing today’s lunch recipe, I hope you try it, enjoy it and let me know what you think!

The main ingredients…


Made 2 servings of sauce, with brown rice


Ingredients list and how-to…

1 50 gramme pack portobello mushrooms
1 red pepper
1 jar olive tomato sauce
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp engevita nutritional yeast flakes
2 tbsp oatly cream

heat the oil in a large pan
chop the mushrooms and add to the pan, stirring and then put the lid on the pan, turn down the heat to low.
Add a chopped red pepper, seeds and white part removed (the white part is bitter)
continue to cook until the peppers and mushrooms are soft
Add the jar of sauce, cook for a further half hour, then add the oatly cream and engevita.
Serve with rice or pasta.
This is a very easy recipe which allows you to get some nutritious mushrooms and plenty of veg.


More nice things in Leazes Park

The winter light shows off the wonderful green on the moss and lichen (and mushrooms) on the tree trunks in Leazes Park.

Its good to get out in the fresh air at this time of the year when there is so little daylight.

I liked the subtle colours on this flowering bush, very wintry somehow.

Autumn Gives Way to Winter

Mushrooms colonising the remains of the “Leaning Poplar” in Leazes Park.

I had a long break from blogging as I was at Throssel Hole for a couple of weeks, one of them on the Segaki retreat, which was quite an experience, then when I got back I didn’t have any free time until just recently.

I have discovered some interesting facts about growing trees and bushes, one of these is that you can grow trees and bushes from “root balls” and all kinds of these are available on ebay!