Castle Leazes and Ricky Road Flats

Richardson Road Flats construction and Castle Leazes Moor
Richardson Road Flats construction

I had an appointment at the Royal Victoria Infirmary this morning and I could not resist these photos of the new Richardson Road student flats, which as you can see are very near completion.
On the right the trees of Leazes Park, with the footpath which borders it.


Old New Mills

Old Cottage on New Mills Newcastle

An old photo from
Newcastle Libraries Flickr archive showing the site of now New Mills, off Barrack Road, in its industrial past… I would say early 20th century or late 19th century.

Apparently the large building behind the “cottage” is the Todd’s Nook school, which was demolished in the 1990’s after a period as an Adult Education centre.

There used to be a pub on New Mills,  called The Darnell, or maybe The New Darnell? The Darnell was also  demolished in the 1990s and a block of low rise 5 bedroomed flats was built.

And this one shows an actual Mill, one of the original at New Mills.

Also from  Newcastle Libraries Flickr archive

In the industrial period mills like these  were used to grind grain into flour and powered by either running water from rivers, or from wind , when powered by wind they would have sails, which turned in the wind and drove the wheels of the mill. Mills were also used to make many things, workers in mills made all manner of products, cloth, rope, foodstuffs, various metals, anything mass produced before electricity was widely adopted by industry.The air looks very dirty in these photos, not just because  the photos are old, but because of the massive scale of the  industry in the local area






This is what I saw when I was at the bottom of Barrack Road, at the junction of Strawberry Place, Barrack Road, Gallowgate and Pitt Street.

Look across the road you can see the new buildings, which include Verde and The View, which are student flats owned by Downing Students, also out of the picture behind these, JSK Studios,  property  companies specialising in  modern student flats.

Considering there is a big housing shortage in Newcastle, of any other form than student flats, of which there is a surfeit, were I to move into one of these flats, would I be required to prove I was a student?

Also, were I to claim to be a student when I moved there, would I be required to pay council tax, as under normal circumstances students don’t pay?

If I had a property portfolio, which I wished to purchase one of these flats as an investment, and not get any student to live there, because it would not be worth the hassle, would I be required to pay any tax?

UPDATE… I don’t have a problem with students, I consider they are a benefit to Newcastle. My concern is with the large scale conversion of Newcastle into a large expensive student dormitory, by developers who are just in it to make very large sums of money.

Giles Fraser, writing in the Guardian, pointed this out about  new builds in his parish in London…

“But not only are these flats being sold as piggy banks for east Asian capital looking for a safe place to park itself, many of them are not even occupied. Transparency International did some research looking at electricity use in areas where lots of flats are owned by anonymous companies. And – surprise, surprise – the electricity use was consistent with many of the flats being long-term empty.”


New student flats in Newcastle city Centre

Here is a list of some of the the new student flats in Newcastle which I have just been reading about

Almost 1,300 ensuite student bedrooms on the Richardson Road site;
A 223-bed complex standing seven to eight storeys high, on Former Tyne Tees Television site;
46 flats for students at 4-6 North Street East, part of which has been used as offices for Northumbria University Estates team;
259 studio student apartments and six two-bedroom student flats on land once occupied by Westgate House;
575-bedroom student housing on the site of the former Newgate Shopping Centre;
Plans to demolish part of Northumbria Police’s former Newcastle city centre offices to create a 10-storey student accommodation block with 275 bed spaces for students;
Wordie – a Glasgow-based group which has appeared on the Sunday Times Rich List – plans to expand in the North East by demolishing Manor View House in the Manors area of Newcastle and building a student housing scheme on the site with 407 bed spaces;
Plans to convert Clough House and create 353 bed spaces;
Proposals to demolish 1 Kings Manor and build a property to house 462 students;
The former Chapman’s Furniture store on Market Street East is to become 248 student flats, construction is well underway at this moment;
Last month the Liquid Envy club on New Bridge Street – previously the Oxford Galleries ballroom – was recommended by planning officers to be flattened and converted into student flats with 329 bedrooms…
In Strawberry Place car park, 9-10 storey block of 331 student flats;
St James’ Point, Pitt Street offers 216 student flats;
The View, part of the Downing Plaza development in the city centre, provides 444 student bedrooms in a mixture of cluster flats and studio rooms…