Plastic Pollution

I found this post in my draft folder. I wrote it a while ago and maybe  for some reason didn’t want to publish it at the time. So apologies if it seems a bit out of date.

The has been some news recently about the harmful effects of plastic fleece. The kind that clothing is made from. Fleece jackets and so on. Also microfibre cloth. I remember when fleece  clothing was thought of as being an environmental “good” because it was  a way of recycling used plastic bottles. But apparently when plastic fleece, and microfibre clothes are washed, fibres get washed away and end up polluting the ocean. I also remember having a few viscose jumpers which basically rotted away after being washed a few times, I did not think that the fibres would have ended up polluting the ocean.
Over the last few years companies in Europe have been improving the way products are packaged, and there is  less packaging than at the packaging peak, however there is still a long way to go.

Fruit shopping on Stanhope Street

So Frugal Lent is well and truly finished for this year, but I have been so into being frugal and only buying what I really need, and being creative about cooking based on what is in the store cupboard, so focusing on fresh fruit and veg will continue for a while now.
So, look at this lovely big bowl of fruit from Hutchinson’s on Stanhope Street, all loose with no bags, punnet or packets, cost £3.15 total. Pears, red and orange peppers (yes, they are technically fruit), satsumas, oranges.
At the supermarket its limited to what you can get without plastic packaging, but at the greengrocer it still possible to be plastic free.
I see a lot of customers still get the dispenser for plastic bags and put their fruit and veg in the plastic bag, before putting in their basket. Maybe they don’t know that they don’t have to bag stuff, or maybe they just prefer it. I used to do it, before I realised it wasn’t compulsory.
The peppers are going in a chilli I am making for the weekend.

Along with 2 onions, 3 carrots, some butter beans and aduki beans, a carton of pasta, some jalapeno peppers, and the last of the frozen sweetcorn.