Time Exchange

Time Exchange

A local Time Banking organisation based in Arthur’s Hill,where members can share skills and get involved more in the local community


Pumpkin or Marrow

Time Exchange gardeners grew pumpkins in the allotment.
I got two this year.
They were very large and looked more like marrows. The skin was tough, but Jusna helped me prepare one of them.
I found a recipe for pumpkin and coconut curry and one for pumpkin soup.
There are lots of such recipes on the net.
The soup was so delcious. I got 3 bowlfuls for myself and also took a couple of portions to a neighbour.
The curry is good as well.
I also used the seeds. I cleaned the fibres off and washed them, then I spread them on a baking tray and spinkled tamari on them, and baked them for 15 minutes.
They are completely yummy, particularly so when they were straight out the oven!


The later part of December has been mainly spent at home.
This year I had decided not to make any special effort for the holiday and not to buy any Christmas gifts.
Certain people received gifts from me from items I already owned which I decided to pass on. Mostly they were wrapped in paper recycled from last year.
The Wednesday before Winter Solstice I had noticed the 5 day forecast for some very freezing and icy conditions and snow. So I went out in the rain to post my Christmas cards, and take my recycling to the recycling point on Beaconsfield Sreeet.
The next day, the snow and ice began.
Each morning I got up early, opened the curtains and saw ice and snow.
The Winter Solstice went by and still I could not get out the house for the snow and ice.
Jeff bought cat litter to spread on the steps, as no grit or rock salt was available.
I went to my hospital appointment at the RVI on Tuesday 22nd, in a taxi, and had a walk through the hospital corridors to the letterbox to post some last minute cards. the most walking I had done for days.
The following Wednesday the snow was totally compacted and no gritting had been done anywhere locally, so I had someone collect me to go to the Time Exchange Festive Meal.
Vegetarians were offered Shepherd’s Pie and Veggies.
Christmas Day and Boxing Day were spent at home with Jeff, as the roads were too bad to go anywhere, and the pavements completely iced over.
In the last few days the weather has got a little milder and the rain has melted some of the snow and ice.
However the forecast is for more snow, sleet and ice with well below freezing temperatures at night.
My neighbour has been providing me with some interesting scientific papers to proof read and in return I am getting lots of complicated vegan dishes made from “A Vegan Taste of the Middle East” by Linda Majzlik and some shopping done.

Update on kitchen DIY

We have made a bit progress on the kitchen.
Vix from upstairs did some magic behind the radiator and the boiler and got the paper off from the hard to reach places.
Alan from Time Exchange and his South Walian pal arrived with rolls of sandpaper and sanded the walls.
On Sunday we have to move the fridge so the landlord’s damp man can look at the rising damp.
Then, once he has dealt with that, we can wash the walls with sugar soap, apply a coat of ECOS stabilising solution (this stops old plaster deteriorating and breaking up when you paint it and allows the paint to go on smoothly, its a bit like a clear undercoat),
then 2 coats of paint will finish the job!
Here’s what it looks like now…