Arthur’s Hill and Spital Tongues

A few photos from being out and about in the local area recently…

Housing in Arthur’s Hill is mainly brick terraces, some dating to the mid Victorian period, many are Tyneside_flats
There is a large variation in socioeconomic status and condition of properties in Arthur’s Hill, with some in very poor condition, and some looking very genteel, we do see that absentee landlords are allowing properties to fall into disrepair, whereas some other properties are very smart. Currently one of the best maintained streets is Sidney Grove, where I spotted this lovely laburnum and rhododendron.



An architectural wonder, which is easily missed unless slowly meandering, the Coptic Orthodox Church on Brighton Grove

Beautiful daisies carpet the ground in
Nun’s Moor Park


Also beautiful laburnum and rhododendrons in Nun’s Moor Park


Lastly, over the other side of Barrack Road, in Spital Tongues, the most beautiful profusion of bushes, ferns and flowers on the side of a house…



Kitchen Board

The area of wall above my pin board and cupboards needed a lot of coats of paint before it started to look a uniform yellow.
This is what I see when I sit at the kitchen table so it is nice to look at now.

Kitchen finished… again

At the end of December the motor on the extractor fan in the kitchen broke.
In January I received a new one, a Silavent, which was a lot smaller than the old one, but much neater and more efficient.
There was a large area of unpainted plaster around where the old fan had been removed.
The kitchen needed another coat of paint so yesterday I used a long handled roller and a small step to put on the last coat in the areas where it was needed. My neighbour’s young son helped by climbing up on the counter tops to paint above the cupboards and around the extractor fan.
I have put the paint pot away now, at last.
The kitchen looks really nice now.