back Diana Street, NE4

Another warehouse on Back Diana Street, this area is very neglected and overgrown, going back to nature.


Damp in houses

This is for a fellow Time Exchange member who was asking about damp in her house.
Having dealt with damp and rot in my hallway last year this is something I now know about.

If the walls do sometimes appear wet or have visible moisture on them it may well be due to condensation.
Untreated damp can lead to health problems worsening such as asthma.

If the walls are mainly affected below one metre it could be related to rising damp.
Rising damp is common in houses with no damp proof course or a failed damp proof course.

There is a lot of information on the net about this, you can work out the probable cause of the damp in your home using google searches on damp house, condensation, rising damp etc but ultimately you may need a surveyor to diagnose the problem and save you spending money on inappropriate work.