Castle Leazes and Ricky Road Flats

Richardson Road Flats construction and Castle Leazes Moor
Richardson Road Flats construction

I had an appointment at the Royal Victoria Infirmary this morning and I could not resist these photos of the new Richardson Road student flats, which as you can see are very near completion.
On the right the trees of Leazes Park, with the footpath which borders it.

More on clothes, Primark, and textile recycling

I went into Primark later to look for a fringed scarf.
I do like scarves, they allow a dull dresser like myself whose main fashion influence was Andy Warhol (he said he always wore black because then he wouldn’t have to decide what to wear with what) to look smarter.
Scarves can be matched with an outfit to brighten it up, they have many other uses, keeping you warm when its cold, in winter substitute scarves for wooly hats and you will look much more glamorous.
In summer wear them draped keeping the sun off, which is handy for people like me with Lupus who are advised to stay out of the sun.
They can be a headscarf worn in many different ways, or even a blackout curtain for putting over your eyes which is what I do when I’m staying somewhere which hasn’t got thick curtains in the summer!

Primark: I went in via the main entrance on Northumberland Street. That is a very very big shop.
I needed to be on the first floor for scarves.
By the time I had been in the shop a few minutes I decided to leave. Too many clothes, too little time…
There is a Primark scarf I have had a few years which is in good condition, similar to this one


However most of the products do not have a long life, either due to flimsy quality or being so very on-trend, and there are not enough clothing recycling bins for it all. This is an extremely popular shop and it was very full of customers, looking to buy. Textiles, how many many tonnes of it!

There is a problem with the fashion industry if it encourages this disposable attitude to clothes. The sheer volume of textiles generated is unsustainable. We do recycle, we do pass on, we do give clothes to charities, but even the charities are finding it hard to cope with the quantity of low grade clothing and disposable textiles.
Today I’m emptying the wardrobe and drawers in my bedroom as a couple of friends are helping me move my bedroom furniture, as I’m planning on getting a new carpet.
I didn’t realise how much stuff I have got. Its too much. How many long sleeved black tops do I actually need?
When I put it all back I’ll see if anything can be purged.

The UK Economy

Here in the UK the economy is only expanding in two areas, as far as I can see looking around the local area, I see MoneyLenders, such as Pay Day loans, Gambling, and Property.
I read that the weak pound since the Brexit vote is fuelling a demand for exports. However I cannot see what we could be exporting, as manufacturing in the UK is not a strong nowadays, other than our key products, biscuits aka cookies, carrots, potato products, and offshore industry products such as cabling, wind turbines etc, and cars (mainly Nissan).
Everywhere I look I see buildings being demolished and new ones constructed. The construction industry does provide employment, but at a huge environmental cost. Raw materials for construction have to come from somewhere, that somewhere being Mining and Quarrying, and although there is some recycling going on, mainly demolished buildings are at best used for aggregate for yet another construction project… new roads! Construction is one of the most environmentally damaging of industries, yet who would dare to suggest we slow down the construction industry?

I have given up taking photos of new buildings or buildings being demolished because the novelty wore off. Its ubiquitous. Its everywhere. Everywhere a Crane, a Building site, a hard hat.

The massive environmental cost of the construction industry. The massive cost of the car industry. The massive cost of shipping. Shipping is massively polluting… cruise ships being the notorious worst offenders, yet in the UK we are reliant on imported foods, except for oats, dairy potatoes and carrots. Except for in late summer, when did you last eat any food that wasn’t made from imported ingredients?