Election Result for Newcastle upon Tyne Central

I was at a hospital appointment on Friday morning, and it was there I learned of the result, that the Conservatives had got more seats than any other party but not enough to form a government!
Chi held Newcastle Central, and even gained votes since the last general election, confounding those who suggested that The Brexit Result meant that England was full of Xenophobes, Little Englanders and Bigots.

Arthur’s Hill and Spital Tongues

A few photos from being out and about in the local area recently…

Housing in Arthur’s Hill is mainly brick terraces, some dating to the mid Victorian period, many are Tyneside_flats
There is a large variation in socioeconomic status and condition of properties in Arthur’s Hill, with some in very poor condition, and some looking very genteel, we do see that absentee landlords are allowing properties to fall into disrepair, whereas some other properties are very smart. Currently one of the best maintained streets is Sidney Grove, where I spotted this lovely laburnum and rhododendron.



An architectural wonder, which is easily missed unless slowly meandering, the Coptic Orthodox Church on Brighton Grove

Beautiful daisies carpet the ground in
Nun’s Moor Park


Also beautiful laburnum and rhododendrons in Nun’s Moor Park


Lastly, over the other side of Barrack Road, in Spital Tongues, the most beautiful profusion of bushes, ferns and flowers on the side of a house…


Leazes Park and Lort Burn

Yesterday in Leazes Park, I took these photos of

The Lort Burn

The footpath crosses The Lort  Burn, on one side is flowing into the lake, on the other, upstream, the Splashes artwork.

 Also banks of Rhododendron and trees, gone wild.




Yesterday on Market Street East, Newcastle City Centre


Some images from around Market Street East. Carliol House is there, also the old Police Station, For Sale.

A search came up with some information on the current owners of Carliol House, on the website of

The New Bridge Project

There is a trend to get social enterprises to “occupy” empty commercial buildings, charging a nominal rent, it is much better to do this than allow premises to become derelict or targets for anti social behaviour.


Ducklings with Mallard Hen

Ducklings are exploring the water and stones but staying close to Mother. Is it a Hen when its a female Duck? Just a Duck? as opposed to Drake?
What a lovely sight, I felt so happy looking at them.
After I had come out from my appointment at the RVI today I decided to spend a bit of time with the birds, to improve my mood.

I had really felt very angry on Thursday when I found the top part of Leazes Park had been blocked off with fences by the Food and Drink Festival, which starts on Saturday. HOW DARE THEY BLOCK OFF OUR PARK! I fumed. Its really unfair because the Festival is only on Saturday and Sunday and the access to the top part of the park has been closed, from the Derelict Park House right down to the lake, including the Terrace and bandstand, and Lime Tree Avenue!
Its unusual for access to paths in the Park to be completely blocked.

I do have issues with anger management, I will admit the fury gets easily triggered when I am feeling a bit down or tired, so I thought the waterbird therapy was a good idea.

Old New Mills

Old Cottage on New Mills Newcastle

An old photo from
Newcastle Libraries Flickr archive showing the site of now New Mills, off Barrack Road, in its industrial past… I would say early 20th century or late 19th century.

Apparently the large building behind the “cottage” is the Todd’s Nook school, which was demolished in the 1990’s after a period as an Adult Education centre.

There used to be a pub on New Mills,  called The Darnell, or maybe The New Darnell? The Darnell was also  demolished in the 1990s and a block of low rise 5 bedroomed flats was built.

And this one shows an actual Mill, one of the original at New Mills.

Also from  Newcastle Libraries Flickr archive

In the industrial period mills like these  were used to grind grain into flour and powered by either running water from rivers, or from wind , when powered by wind they would have sails, which turned in the wind and drove the wheels of the mill. Mills were also used to make many things, workers in mills made all manner of products, cloth, rope, foodstuffs, various metals, anything mass produced before electricity was widely adopted by industry.The air looks very dirty in these photos, not just because  the photos are old, but because of the massive scale of the  industry in the local area





New Mills

A lovely spring day on the New Mills Estate, the trees are in their greenest spring colours on the right. and on the left you can see the 1920s tenements of Leazes Court dwellings. In the distance the Number 12 bus is trundling down the  bank towards Barrack Road.