Leazes Park Summer Review





Lots of things to see in the Park if you are looking for them! Not walking around in a daydream, as I often am, or staring at that little screen so many of us are in love with!


Ducklings with Mallard Hen

Ducklings are exploring the water and stones but staying close to Mother. Is it a Hen when its a female Duck? Just a Duck? as opposed to Drake?
What a lovely sight, I felt so happy looking at them.
After I had come out from my appointment at the RVI today I decided to spend a bit of time with the birds, to improve my mood.

I had really felt very angry on Thursday when I found the top part of Leazes Park had been blocked off with fences by the Food and Drink Festival, which starts on Saturday. HOW DARE THEY BLOCK OFF OUR PARK! I fumed. Its really unfair because the Festival is only on Saturday and Sunday and the access to the top part of the park has been closed, from the Derelict Park House right down to the lake, including the Terrace and bandstand, and Lime Tree Avenue!
Its unusual for access to paths in the Park to be completely blocked.

I do have issues with anger management, I will admit the fury gets easily triggered when I am feeling a bit down or tired, so I thought the waterbird therapy was a good idea.